The Level of Satisfaction with the Quality of Trans Mebidang Bus Service


  • Yusuf Aulia Lubis Universitas Sumatra Utara
  • Sirojuzilam Universitas Sumatra Utara
  • R A matondang Universitas Sumatra Utara
  • Suwardi Lubis Universitas Sumatra Utara


Customer Satisfaction, Bus Service, Transportation


One company that provides buses serving the Medan-Binjai-Deliserdang route is the Trans Mebidang Bus. The services provided include punctuality, cleanliness, wi-fi, and others. Based on the facilities and services provided by the bus manager, the community will  provide  an  assessment  of  the  level  of  satisfaction  of  the  service.  Customer satisfaction can be analyzed using statistical methods. The author determines customer satisfaction with 5 dimensions, namely Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, and Tangible. This research was conducted by interviewing 50 respondents with 15 questionnaires. From the results of our research, the Reliability dimension answered Good as much as an average of 42 respondents (82 persen), the Responsiveness dimension was 46 persen of respondents (78.5 persen), the Assurance dimension was 34, 67 respondents (69.22 persen), Empathy dimension 26.67 respondents (53.33 persen), Tangible dimension 53 persen, respondents  (63.33 persen).  So  in  general,  almost  all  facilities  provided  by  the  Trans Mebidang Bus are felt well by customers


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